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Splash 💦 Proof Bib - OSLO

Splash 💦 Proof Bib - OSLO

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Why not try Our Splash Proof bibs !!

These are such a trendy accessory for you babe for mealtime. 

These bibs are used with highest premium quality material which gives the purest softness waterproof bib ever!!!. 

Features include : 

* Wipeable, Washable & Waterproof 

* Easy to roll up and stored in handbag/ baby bag. 

* Maintains it shape and crease free !!

* Keeps clothes dry and clean 

* Adjustable neck size 

* Hook to hang on pram or high chair for convenience 

Why not pair our Splash 💦 Proof Bibs with our Muslin Wraps or Mini Me Cups !! 

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